• 10 day Moose Hunts: September and October

The world's largest moose subspecies, Alaska-Yukon Moose (alces alces gigas), finds prime habitats in South Nahanni - both, in its swampier lowlands and in valleys of higher elevations between sheep and caribou mountains. Trophy sizes go up to and above incredible 70 inches and while the average spread in South Nahanni is 58 inches you are still very likely to carry home antlers with over 60 inch spreads.

Length and width of palms as well as good fronts are often more important than spread and South Nahanni's moose have all of the above, especially good fronts. Record book moose get taken here and your moose hunt will be spectacular in every respect. It will also be successful.

As an avid moose hunter you will understand that we are not able to sell trophy moose by size and that a record book animal is just that: a record, to be viewed with awe.

We try to make your hunt as successful and fun as possibleOur guides are always delighted to take up the challenge and won't rest until they have pushed through every willow bush looking for a record book bull that will result in lots of back slapping - out in spike camp and back in base camp!

Our moose are hunted from portable fly camps in the same fashion as we hunt sheep. This gives you, the hunter, and us, the outfitters and guides, the nomadic flexibility that is the key to hunting success in the more sparsely populated, harsh northern bush.

The helicopter is our ultimate tool for conservation, for mobility, and for choosing ever new, great rutting places with some big bulls hanging around. Helicopter transportation ensures we don't hunt the same area again and again and it makes your moose hunt fun and successful.

You will leave from base camp with our own helicopter and fly to a perfect hunt location where you and your hunting guide will set up camp. The moose will be within walking distance but camp will not be right beside them. Camp will always have to be in a good tenting location with water and a landing spot for the helicopter.

There is a 12 hour waiting period after every air move before you are allowed to go hunting. Most likely all your moose hunting will be done from this first spike camp. It almost never becomes necessary to move your entire camp on your back to gain better access to trophy game, but this could happen in a few isolated incidents.

When hunting moose with us you should be prepared to hike, glass, spot, stalk and walk over soft ground and over deadfall. We always try to call the moose to us, but bushy often soft terrain should still be expected on all moose hunts.

Everybody who is in regular, healthy shape and who can shoot straight will have the opportunity to harvest a respectable trophy moose with us. We will do everything in our power in the name of Fair Chase to get you to your bull moose and our extremely high success rates show this well.

Our moose rut starts around the beginning of September and lasts until the middle of October. These dates should be viewed with some flexibility as the rut often changes with the weather conditions and the year. We therefore make the most of our helicopter flexibility and of our intimate South Nahanni knowledge and fly you to the most suitable moose hunting habitat at the particular season and week of your hunt.

Earlier on you will hunt the high alpine valleys and with the approaching winter and snow will move ever lower into the swamplands to the east.

For the most part you can expect the shooting distances to be around the 100 yard mark or less and you will most likely have to penetrate some brush with your heavier bullet (180 grains and higher). Unless you are a skilled marksman we prefer it if you don't shoot farther than 300 yards.

We urge everyone to do practice shots past this distance during preparations for the hunt. In the same context, please bring the gun you are most familiar with and which you enjoy handling.

Ten full hunting days will give you plenty of time to pursue your bull moose, even to add on a mountain caribou, wolf, wolverine or black bear. Moose and caribou will be hard horned and out of velvet on all our moose hunts. More information under add on species.

Join us for a moose rutting adrenaline rush on a successful northern giant hunt! You really might find a super-sized monster and then you will be in trouble with the two w's - wall space and wife... Come and do it!