• 8-day Dall sheep hunts: July

  • 9-day Dall sheep hunts: August

  • 10-day Dall sheep hunts: September

The Mackenzie Mountains of Canada's Northwest Territories are world renowned for their Dall Sheep hunting and the South Nahanni concession with extremely high success rates and solid trophy hunts is no exception. Record class trophy rams inhabit these mountains and trophies up to 46 inches have been taken. Record books aside, what we offer are very good and fair chances at taking home a trophy ram. Opportunity rates have been 100% consistently.

Our ram age average is between 10 and 11 years every season.  NWT outfitters like to point this out so much as it doesn't get any better.  Rams start dying off at the age of 10, which clearly shows that our areas are not only hunted at sustainable rates but that our hunting doesn't have any influence on the populations themselves. You will be hard pressed to find that anywhere else.

Most years we average horn lengths of 35-37 inches, bases around the 13 inch mark and a consistent age average of 10-11 years. Every season we take rams that go over 40 inches in horn length, rams that are older than 13-14 years and rams that reach record book entry. As an avid sheep hunter you will understand that we are not able to sell rams by size and that a record book animal is just that: a record, to be viewed with awe.

We try to make your hunt as successful and fun as possible - and your guide, crazy about hunting, will not rest until he has scoured every mountain for trophy game, always looking for a record book animal that will put a smile on everyone's face out in spike camp and back in base camp!

All sheep hunting is done backpacker style. The helicopter will bring you into a prime hunting location where you and your personal, professional guide establish a spike camp of small, portable backpacker tents. The sheep will be within walking distance but camp will not necessarily be on top of the mountain, but rather in a good tenting location with water and a landing spot for the helicopter.

You will have a 12-hour waiting period after any flight before you can go hunting.

Most likely all your sheep hunting will be done from this first spike camp. It seldom becomes necessary to move your entire camp on your back to gain better access to trophy game, but there is a slight possibility of this happening. Generally you will only carry your gear for the day of hunting (e.g. rifle, ammo, binoculars, rain gear, food, water bottle).

Be prepared to hike, walk uphill, climb, glass, spot, stalk, walk over rock, hillsides, up and down mountains. Moderate to steep terrain should be expected on all mountain sheep hunts.

Everybody who is in reasonable shape, physically and mentally, and who can shoot straight, will have the opportunity to harvest a respectable trophy ram with us. We will do everything in our power in the name of Fair Chase to get you to your ram and our extremely high success rates show this well.

Additional tags for add on species (goat, caribou, moose, wolf, wolverine and black bear) can be aquired on all sheep hunts and vary by month.  Please refer to the add on species page.

July 15th signals the start of the Dall Sheep hunting season in the Mackenzies, allowing you to spot and stalk for white rams under the warmth and light of the midnight sun. We won't see stars again until the middle of August. Eight full hunting days with 24 hours of daylight will give you plenty of time to pursue your ram, even to add on a mountain goat, or later a wolf or wolverine.

Moving further into August the weather starts to cool off considerably. By the end of this month fall will have reached us with a blur of reddish-brown colours. The caribou migration starts during this month and on these 9-day hunts you can now add on a mountain goat, a mountain caribou, wolf, wolverine and finally a black bear. Chances at taking a ram and at least one add on are extremely high.

With us, you can experience a first class Dall sheep hunt in the South Nahanni concession of the Mackenzie Mountains, where you might find a monster, and where you will be successful in harvesting a respectable white trophy ram. Come and hunt it!