• 12 day Mixed Bag hunts: Sept 1-12 & Sept 14-25

Our all species mixed bag hunts are designed for the true mixed bag hunter who aims at taking between 3 and 5 trophies (averaging 3 trophies) - Dall Sheep, Alaska-Yukon Moose, Mountain Caribou and Mountain Goat, also Wolf, Wolverine and Black Bear.

These 12-day hunts are the ultimate in South Nahanni hunting and you will be able to make extensive use of our diverse area with its perfect mosaic of habitats - thanks to the flexibility and efficiency that helicopter transportation offers.

We will make sure to present you with the game you are seeking, loosing no time getting you to prime locations and retrieving you from there as soon as you are ready to move to different hunting grounds and species. Above all else, we want to get you out hunting big trophies, and lots of them!

The mixed bag hunt sets its primary focus on your primary animal -either moose or Dallsheep are included trophies in this hunt. Also included is all flying for the primary species. You then add tags for mountain caribou, mountain goat, wolf, wolverine and black bear, Alaska-Yukon moose, Dallsheep, and pursue these species in your order of priority and the parameters weather and game dictate to you. Helicopter shuttle flights and trophy fees are payable for all but the primary animal.  The hunt is therefore tailored exactly to your wishes and interests - it's a Lego piece type hunt, for which you arrange the combinations.

12-day mixed bag hunts take place throughout September, when all game is on the move, moose are rutting, caribou are migrating, wolves are following. Sheep and goat are still easily approached before the winter snows set in for good and capes are beautiful. All moose and caribou will be hard horned and out of velvet. It's a true hunter's heaven.

The mixed bag hunts will be conducted much in the same style as our Dall sheep and our Moose hunts, meaning that you will use portable fly camps and lightweight backpacking gear. Please use these links for specific information on trophies and hunting methods for sheepmoosegoatcaribou and predators. More information is also available on the helicopter page.

A flawless organization is the key to your perfect 12-day mixed bag hunt, and base camp is pulling all strings for your successful, fun hunting adventure. We, the outfitters, spend all season in camp. Werner flies our two bush planes for our personal scouting missions. He monitors all progress in spike camps, meets you in the field whenever possible, talks to our guides, trusted professionals, via radio, satellite phone and InReach. 

The helicopter pilot is at your constant demand and attention, flying our Bell Jetranger or Longranger every day all day long throughout September; moving you and your spike camp, picking up your trophies and meat so they can get the best of attention in base camp, dropping off new supplies, etc. His services are at your finger tips and we make sure not to overbook our September hunts so that the helicopter can keep up with you and your hunt.

Our guides are all equipped with satellite phones and InReach texting.  They contact base camp on a regular basis, commenting on the process of the hunt, or requesting a spike camp move or pick up. They are top-notch professionals who have, for the most part, been working with us for several seasons. They know the country, are knowledgeable, responsible, likeable and full of hunting zeal. They are key players, together with the outfitter and the helicopter and its pilot, resulting in a flawless organization for a perfect hunt in prime hunting territory of a true mountain wilderness. Experience it!