It is as important to us as it is to you that your hard won trophies receive the best possible care - in the field, while in base camp and during shipping.

Trophy care starts in the field, when your professional guide skins the animal according to your wishes -cape, full mount, etc. - and goes on to a timely pick up with our helicopter. We always try to get all trophies and meat into base camp as soon as possible, whether you stay out hunting or not.

Trophy preparation, like cleaning, salting and drying of hides and skulls, continues in base camp. Every piece will be tagged properly and Werner himself monitors the skinning shed daily.

Due to logistical shipping and freezer space problems in camp, we cannot hold your meat throughout the season and ship it afterwards. If you intend to take your meat home after the hunt, an export permit needs to be acquired in Fort Simpson, NWT. There are several options to do this and we can certainly help if you anticipate taking it all with you after the hunt.

On the other hand if you don’t take your horns and capes home with you, we also offer a crating and shipping service to all our clients. For this, trophies will be boiled and bleached in base camp.  At the end of the season all these trophies will be flown out from camp to Fort Simpson, NWT, where they receive necessary export permits.  Werner then crates and ships the trophies as far as Edmonton, Alberta.  There an international trophy shipper will take over for the shipping to the final destination - either your door or your taxidermist - around the world.

It is our goal to provide you with the best possible trophy care from the top of the mountain to the wall in your home. Because we care.