All the finely tuned strings of the South Nahanni outfitting operation run together in Root River Base Camp. Our outfitter family stays in camp all summer, working with the hunting guides, the helicopter pilot, the camp cook, the helper and the trophy care professional. 
Everyone works together to make your hunting trip with us the best ever.

Fly-camping in small backpacker tents during your hunt will make you realize again how little we actually need in material possessions for survival and happiness.

Base camp provides a lot more than those bare necessities and will be full of unexpected luxury after your successful hunt - especially the shower and the beer cooler...

Our little village will welcome you warmly with clean, solid and above all heated cabins. You will sleep on a real, full length mattress! Our camp shower house is a bathroom with the amenities of town life, and a little attached sauna is bliss for some, while the washing machine is utilized by almost all.

The Kitchen

The kitchen staff will be waiting to serve you delicious home cooked meals with fresh vegetables and home baked breads and cakes. After-dinner get-togethers take place by the fire pit, or later on in the cozy kitchen. Little snacks and drinks of your choice, including sodas (pop), beer, wine and hard liquors are part of the enjoyments.

During your time in base camp you are welcome to use the ATV's for little excursions or day trips. A nearby fossil canyon lures a lot of hunters for a peek as does our excellent base camp caribou hunting (September/October).

The fishing is rather poor but you can always hire the helicopter to take you on a tour, e.g. all the way to Canada's highest waterfalls, Virginia Falls, in South Nahanni National Park.

We warmly welcome non-hunting companions - in base camp or out in the field. Our entire family spends the season in camp, as does a cook and a cook's helper, the helicopter pilot and trophy head boiler. You will find basic but cozy accommodations, great food and the best of company! Come and enjoy it!