Tom Miranda Sheep bow hunt
JWW 2011 - Caribou hunt by N. Stoeppel
JWW 2006 - mixed bag hunt with A. Rockstroh
JWW 2006 - Fannin sheep hunt
Greg Bokash Dallsheep bow hunt
Pirsch 2008 - Moose hunt in SNO
Mountain Hunter 2010 "Retirement ram"
Jagen 2011 Caribou
Tom Miranda bow hunt Caribou
Jorns sheep hunt - JWW 2011
HuntinFool - Ram For Rod by Tim Aydt
JWW Jagdmarathon
Pirsch 2016, Krieghoff on moose in SNO
CBC 2008 - large moose baged in SNO
Jan's sheep hunt, IVA 2012
Moose hunt article - Rolf Zimmermann
Adam Greentree - Australian Bowhunter in SNO
JWW 2007, 1st price JWW Rohleder Video
Sheep hunt - a french article
JWW - large Ram from the Ragged Range
Slam Quest, Ed Yates sheep hunt 2016
Wild Deer, mixed bag hunt in SNO by O. Hauck
Jeger 2014, norwegian mixed bag hunt in SNO