Here is a short schedule to follow while you anticipate your hunting adventure with us:

  1. At time of booking we will send you
    -a signed hunting contract, detailing all dates, prices and conditions
    -a receipt upon arrival of your first deposit, including the payment schedule

    And you need to send us
    -the required deposit as a monetary confirmation for your reservation
    -a countersigned copy of the hunting contract

  2. November 15, the year before your hunt
    -if you booked more than a year in advance a second deposit is due (a note will be sent out to you beforehand)
  3. During the months before your hunt
    -you will receive our detailed hunter's manual with all documents and information for your hunt:
    1. original hunting license application for the wildlife office
    2. obligatory waiver form
    3. questionnaire asking for some personal information to make your hunt the best ever
    4. very detailed equipment list for your type and time of hunt
    5. travel information, incl. dates, hotels, air lines, phone numbers
    6. trophy shipment information
    7. original fire arms import document for Canadian customs

    -You will need to fill out and sign some of the documents and return the waiver, questionnaire and hunting license application to us.

  4. February/March/April/May
    -arrange for flight tickets and hotel reservations (the sooner the better)
  5. April 15
    -final deposit and charter fee is due, a note will be sent beforehand
  6. Note our satellite phone number and come hunting!